Domestic Maintenance

Domestic Maintenance

Domestic Maintenance can feel like a daunting chore for any type of homeowner, and it’s never a good feeling when something does, in fact, go wrong in your home. To cater for those unexpected times, we offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week call out service for those times where you need us the most:

  • Locating and Repairing Gas Leaks
  • Repairing and Diagnosing Heating Faults 
  • Ball Valve Repairs
  • Tap Washer Replacement
  • Locating and Fixing Water Leaks and Damaged Plumbing. 
  • Tank Analysis and Replacement 

It doesn’t matter if you have a single property or hundreds spread across London – we’ll ensure your business or home gets a prompt, quality service every time. So no matter what you require, we are just a call away! Simply get in touch, explain the issue to one of our team members, and let us take care of the rest. 


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Bathroom Works


Bathroom Works


Bathroom Works

Have an emergency?

01992 804 739

Smell Gas?

Knowing what to do in an emergency could save your life.

  • DO open doors and windows
  • DO turn off the gas at the mains tap
  • DO leave the property
  • DO follow all advice given by the advisor
  • DO wait ourside for a gas engineer
  • DO seek medical advice if you are feeling unwell
  • DO NOT smoke, light a match or any naked flame
  • DO NOT turn any electrical switch on or off
  • DO NOT use any mobile phones or devices that could cause a spark

Call the National Gas Emergencies number  immediately:

0800 111 999

Water Leak?

If you can do it safely, turn off your water supply

Call RTR Plumbing & Heating immediately on:

01992 804 739